Corporate Code of Conduct
Honesty and transparency are guiding principles for Ginper Group activities, as it seeks to obtain reasonable growth and consolidate a fair business model based on innovation and quality in the products and services of the companies comprised in the group.


1. Fair competition. Creating wealth in the most effective manner possible under fair conditions.
2. Integrity in business relations. Maintaining business ethics.
3. Cooperation with authorities. Providing all information required by the authorities, in an open, understandable and appropriate manner.
4. Compliance with local laws. Adhering to the national laws of each location where the Ginper Group conducts business.
5. Compliance with intellectual property rights.
6. Fair and respectable labor conditions.
7. Nondiscrimination in hiring, compensation and work conditions according to race, religion, sex or nationality. 8. Separation of personal and corporate interests. Basing personal decisions and business relationships with third parties only on objective criteria.
9. Sustainability. Protecting the environment and ensuring the health and occupational safety of individuals.
10. Political neutrality.